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    Patty Stetson, CCS, CAI-II

              Founder & Interventionist


      I am passionate about helping others find their path to wellness

 and positive change.  My well established reputation for a

 commitment to honest, compassionate, and ethical practices speaks

 volumes about my core beliefs.  Being entrusted with joining a family

 in the intervention process is something I take very seriously. 

 People die from untreated substance use disorders.  There are no

 “office hours”…real life happens at all times and on all days of the

 week.  When I contract with a family, it is a commitment to the 

 journey – before, during, and after treatment.  This is called full

 continuum care.  Any day, any evening, any time.

     Unlike many interventionists, I am a fully credentialed substance abuse counselor.  I am also a   Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS), which is the highest level of credential offered by the NCSAPPB, and   is the required supervisor designation for all persons seeking to become certified or licensed in the   substance abuse field (LCAS, CSAC).  Additionally, I am the highest level of a Certified Arise   Interventionist, CAI-II.  I attended both undergraduate college and graduate school in Ohio, and have   lived in North Carolina since 1991.  I have worked in the substance abuse field for over twenty-five   years – it is my calling.

     Having held significant clinical positions at both inpatient and outpatient facilities, I am very familiar   with the benchmarks of quality programs and the intricate details of treatment.  These previous   positions include roles as Clinical Director at respected inpatient and outpatient programs and hospitals,   and at such facilities as Peninsula Hospital Corporation, Holly Hill Hospital, and the US Department of   Defense.  In addition to facilitating private interventions, I also present professional Continuing   Education Seminars, Lunch & Learns, and Motivational Speaking events for corporations, agencies,   social groups, and the public.

     I am not in partnership with any treatment center neither for referrals nor as a marketer, nor do I   accept any type of “finder fees” or commissions for a referral to any program.  I will also not knowingly   do business with a company that engages in such practices.  I do not refer to programs that I have not   personally vetted for integrity and expertise.

     I provide free family support groups to the community where I live.  I believe all persons should   have access to health and wellness, and that sharing skills and talents with each other along life’s path   is an important thing to do…not for profit, not for personal gain – but rather just because it is the right   thing to do.

     Trust and confidence are important when selecting an interventionist, and essential when creating   individually tailored and impactful interventions.  I am always happy to answer questions and to provide   a complimentary consultation to help you evaluate your situation and explore options.

 Please feel welcome to call me at 919-757-6397.

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