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Our Approach to Interventions


Our interventions recognize the tremendous power and influence of the family.  

We will facilitate a series of family meetings, with your loved one always welcomed and invited to join.  Our clinicians will help you and as many other relatives and friends that are available, to create an impactful recovery message that will inspire the whole family to grow and heal together.  


We know that as your loved one sees, hears, and feels the concern and encouragement from those who care, while experiencing the strategic guidance of our interventionists, those uncertain first steps towards a sober healthy life suddenly become easier to take.  We focus not only on helping the person of concern to make positive changes, but also help the entire family to begin to heal, grow, and recover together.  We help build foundations and bridges that can beautifully influence families for generations to come.  


We carefully tailor every intervention to be designed uniquely for your family, and incorporate the strengths and insights that you already have, while gently locating some pieces that perhaps have been missing.  Our interventionists protect dignity and create a place of respect and compassion that nurtures relationships and encourages positive change.  We will work with you before, during, and after treatment, and provide professional support by experienced clinicians with a long-standing history of successful interventions.

Our Services

Custom-Tailored Interventions

Facilitating a caring, dignified start to recovery with discretion and sensitivity to your privacy. 

Sober Transport Specialists

For a safe arrival at the treatment center.​

Family Support 

Our team is fully available to you, regardless of the day or time.  Before, during, and after treatment.

Clean Start

We will help you to locate and remove

hidden substances from your home.

Family Restoration Counseling

Reconnecting and strengthening relationships.

Professional Care Management

We will help coordinate referrals and appointments to quality programs matched with the clinical

needs of you and your family.

Relapse Prevention Services

Our clinicians will help you and your family learn personalized techniques to manage cravings, prevent relapse, connect with other recovering persons in their community, and start enjoying the rewards of recovery.

A Commitment to Recovery


A Dedication to Dignity and Respect

A Reputation of Excellence


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