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Don’t give up --  There is Hope.

Substance use disorders are hard. Hard on everyone. The roller coaster of emotions and the crushing blows of believing things are better, only to find out that they are not better is exhausting and discouraging. For the person trying to deal with cravings or make changes on their own, the clutch of addiction is very difficult to loosen. Sometimes it’s easy to run out of optimism… you may have spent months or even years hoping for change, and there likely have been many promises followed by subsequent disappointments. But before you fully resign yourself to accepting that change will never happen and that you are destined to live life whirling in the cycles of addiction, consider hiring a professional interventionist. Not just any interventionist, and not just an interventionist who will just facilitate a one day, single event intervention; instead, join with a Restore Interventionist…a fully credentialed and highly experienced professional with a strong history of success, who will help you and your family before, during, and after treatment.

Restore Interventions takes a very different approach. There will be no fights and no shouting, as prime time television likes to portray; there will be no tactics of insulting nor demeaning, no shaming and no blaming. We will talk about the honest facts and the need for help, but we will facilitate the intervention in a manner that energizes and motivates, and keeps self-esteem and dignity intact…the person of concern will feel empowered and hopeful about going to treatment. Restore will create a very personalized intervention process that is unique to your person of concern and your family. Success can be found with this approach because it is very carefully designed specifically with the personality, history, and clinical needs of your loved one in mind. We take time before the intervention to learn about your loved one and develop an understanding of probable motivators and response patterns; we create and facilitate impactful interventions that speak to your loved one in a respectful and esteem-enhancing manner. We want him or her to feel hope and ambition to create positive change…to feel confident to step onto that path of healing and restoring harmony. And then we will make sure that he or she receives care from a high quality program that uses clinically proven treatment modalities that are fitting and appropriate to the person needing help. Restore Interventions works with families all over this country, and refers to carefully chosen, fully vetted treatment centers.

I’ve been working full time in this field for over 25 years; I’ve learned a lot about what actually helps people feel motivated and accepting of both the need to go to treatment and to then remain in recovery. I see amazing turns for the better all the time, and I see persons with incredibly complex and difficult addictions become thriving, healthy, happy people in recovery. I watch families start to heal as even multi-generational patterns are replaced with recovery and harmony. I couldn’t possibly continue to work in this field if positive outcomes were uncommon -- they are not uncommon, and there is always hope and there are still strategies to reach someone who has been previously resistant. Interested in an intervention that uses techniques that are evidenced-based and scientifically researched to have effectiveness and outcomes that far exceed many others?

There is still hope. Call me at 919-757-6397 or email


Patty Stetson CCS, CAI-II

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